Picture books and comic books have had vigorous development in Taiwan. Taiwan’s picture books not only have incredible influence throughout Greater China, but their authors also have global appeal and recognition, such as Jimmy Liao, Chih-Yuan Chen, Page Tsou, Chinlun Lee, He Hua-ren, Hsin-Yu Sun, Bei Lynn, Lai Ma, Tom Cow (Chen-Kuo Liu), Chia-Chi Yu, Inca Pan, Hsiao-Ron Cheng, Chu-Li Chen, Croter Hung, ...

With this year’s Museum of the Fantastic : Taiwan Publishers & Illustrators exhibit, we hope to give everyone the unique opportunity to discover and get to know some of the best picture books, authors, and illustrators of Taiwan.

The Books section features 18 publishers and exhibits a total of 61 books. These books were either specially selected by a committee, have already sold multiple foreign language rights, or have great international potential. We are very proud to be able to introduce them to international publishers.

The Illustrators section features 30 illustrators and exhibits a total of 136 illustrated works. All the illustrations were selected by a special committee. Some of the illustrators
have already published books, while some are focused solely on illustration. We are very proud to introduce them to the international community for possible cooperation.

We welcome you to visit Museum of the Fantastic : Taiwan Publishers & llustrators.

Also, we welcome you to approach our information counter if you have any questions, and please feel free to use the printed catalogue we have prepared and our website to learn more about our exhibition and talented creators.

Organizer:  Taipei Book Fair Foundation

Coordinator:Ministry of Culture, Republic of China ( Taiwan ) 

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