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Above the Ground, Under the Ground

This picture book illustrates a beetle’s observation of the ecological world, which includes hundreds of other creatures and their life spans. The author urges readers to think about the correlation between the meaning and the length of life. The author shows us that leading a splendid and meaningful life is more important than having a long one.



About the Author

Cheng-Tsung Chiu

Chen-Tsung Chiu was born in 1954. After studying photography in Tokyo, Japan, Chiu went back to Taiwan to launch Red Tomato Publishing House and started creating picture books with local inspiration. His works have won numerous awards in Taiwan, including the Golden Tripod Award for Best Children's Book, the Golden Tripod Award for Best Children's/YA Book of Science, the Feng Zikai Picture Book Award, the China Times Open Book Award, and honored at the Bologna Illustrators Exhibition in 2000 and 2006. In addition, his works have traveled to “The National Zoo Collection Gallery Exhibition” in Munich, Germany; “The Municipal Botanical Garden Exhibition” in Munich, Germany; and “The Biological Museum Exhibition” in Hamburg, Germany, while he has yet to visit Germany. Although he has gone through quite a many setbacks, he devotes his life to depicting life and nature. Now, like a child, he remains curious about the world of the insects. His works include: BAREFOOT DADDY; BUTTERFLIES; TO RAISE THE INSECTS; INSECTS FAMILY; BIG HOLES, SMALL HOLES; OUR FOREST; SEE! DRAGONFLY!; LET'S GO FISHING; and HAVE YOU FALLEN ASLEEP?...and more.