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I Ying Yeh

I Ying Yeh is an illustrator from Taiwan. She completed an MA in Visual Arts (Illustration) at Camberwell College of Arts - University of the Arts, London. Her work I FEEL, THEREFORE I AM was selected for "American Illustration 30" in 2011. She loves design, drawing, gardening, and cooking. Nature and the things from her daily life give her the most inspiration.


葉懿瑩,英國倫敦藝術大學坎伯爾藝術學院Camberwell College of Art 插畫碩士。現為插畫家,作品常見於各報章雜誌書籍等,2011年系列作品《I feel, therefore I am》被評選收入於美國插畫年鑑《American Illustration 30》。喜歡繪畫、設計、花草與飲食生活,認為生活中的人事物與大自然是創作時最好的靈感來源。