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Artco Kids|小典藏  

48pages|23 X 23 cm|978-986-92259-5-3


Bogu Chen Manager of Kid's books|


The Universe Lost a Baby Tooth

This was a special cooperation between design and illustration as well as across borders. The author I-Chen Kuo was Taiwan's youngest exhibitor ever to be showcased at the Venice Biennale, and won the Taipei Award for Contemporary Artists. The illustrator has won multiple best children's book awards, and won the 2015 FengZiKai Chinese Children's Picture Book Award. This book was their first cooperation, together creating and promising to leave a brilliant mark for children.



*當代藝術與繪本創作的跨界合作 ------

About the Author

I-Chen Kuo

I-Chen Kuo utilises various art mediums to create a poetic and atmospheric quality in his works, which often pertain to the environment, losing a sense of belonging, and the drifting of mental states. He is able to cleverly demonstrate the exploration of life. In 2005, the youngest artist to ever do so, Kuo represented Taiwan at the Venice Biennale with his piece titled "Invasion." He has received the Taipei Arts Awards first prize (2005) and Taishin Arts Award Annual 5 Senses Finalist Prize (2008). His work has been exhibited at the Singapore Biennale, Biennale of Sydney, Seoul International Media Art Biennale, ZKM Center for Art and Media, as well as many other art galleries as he continues to receive invitations from exhibits around the world.

About the Illustrator

Bei Lynn

Bei Lynn first forayed into the world of children’s books in 1999 with TO BE A FISH. She has since illustrated many books, some of which she has also authored. Her creations are as their names might suggest, ordinary yet strange, but loved by children. Lynn has won numerous prizes in Taiwan for her children’s books. She often uses pencil, watercolour, and marker pens, but also creates collages with computer software. Her works express a tone of freedom and going with the flow; her stories combine fantasy and reality. Lynn’s most recently published book is titled FEIFEI AND HER LITTLE NOTEBOOKS, and she won the 2015 Fourth Feng Zikai Picture Book Award for her book KA DA KA DA KA DA. She believes the most magical moments are hidden in the ordinary, from a lone flower blooming to an egg hatching.